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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the difference between a manager and an agent?

    Managers are the guide, the eyes, the ears, and the negotiators for the talent. Our goal is to assist the talent in the development and shaping of the career by advising and working as a liaison between agents, casting directors, and producers. Agents are business contractors whose priority is finding the work and getting the jobs. A manager directly seeks employment opportunities for the talent.
  • Once I pre-register, what happens next?

    Once we receive your registration, we will respond as soon as possible. If we think that you may be a fit for Break a Leg Talent Management, we will contact you to set up an appointment.
  • Do I need a headshot and resume to pre-register?

    If you do not have professional headshots and a resume to submit for consideration, we will accept a photo and list of experience. Once signed with Break a Leg Talent Management as talent, necessary steps will be provided. The headshot and resume is an actor's business card and is very important to have when auditioning.
  • Why do I need a resume to go on auditions?

    A resume is your business call "calling card". The reason a casting director calls you in for an audition. A casting director is able to access your experience by your "calling card". Working on low-budget/no budget films enhances your body of work to build your resume.
  • Why is availability so important?

    One of the most important factors in building a professional career is availability. Casting directors or producers usually provide a short window to respond - today for an audition tomorrow. In order for productions to remain on schedule, you will need some flexibility.
  • If I commit to a project, must I keep it?

    YES. Once you commit to a project you must show up on set and on time. If an emergency occurs, it must be crucial circumstances. Reneging on the job once committed you run the risk of not being submitted for future projects. Constantly cancelling auditions will not be tolerated.
  • Why don't you represent children under 18?

    Legal working age to receive compensation is 18 years of age. A work permit is needed for children to work in the industry under 18 years. Productions are not responsible to pay for tutors, work permit fees or for the guardian. Typically it is difficult for parents to alter their work schedules for auditions, shoots etc. Submissions and auditions require quick turn around times making a parents commitments more difficult. Classes, training and community theatre are recommended.
  • What else is required other than auditions?

    We recommend, not require attending workshops, classes, and working with a coach to enhance and hone your craft is essential to being a professional entertainer. In order to be the best at your profession you must work at it.
  • What if I already have a manager?

    We do not work with talent currently under contract with another manager. Working with more than one manager becomes a conflict of interest. Submissions overlapping from different managers are frustrating to many casting directors. The scheduling of auditions and bookings become complicated in addition to negations. If booked for a project and more than one manager submitted, the talent is responsible for paying both a commission.
  • What if I already have an agent?

    Before contacting us, discuss with your agent your intent of seeking a manager. We represent talent who already were represented by an agent, however the agent(s) manager-friendly. Meaning the growth of your career is important.
  • What fees are involved for management services?

    Break a Leg Talent Management works solely on commission per the industry standard. No fees are received or involved during the cultivating, audition or submission process. Compensation is received upon completion of a job secured by management.
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